Rave Reviews Log: Historical Fiction

November 07, 2008

The Dragonfly Pool

By Eva Ibboston
Era: England/Europre World War II
Rating: 4 stars

In this likeable tale, Tally wins a scholarship to Delderton, a school where "free thinking" is encouraged. As Tally happily settles into her new school with its quirky staff and classes, she becomes the leading force behind creating a folk dance so her school can participate in an international children's folk dancing festival in the country of Bergania. While in Bergania, Tally meets Prince Karil, a boy just her age, who is quite miserable performing his duties as king-to-be, and the two instantly become friends. But evil is brewing for the Nazis want permission to march through Bergania on their way to conquering other lands, and the king staunchly refuses. But the Nazis have other plans, which include doing away with the royal line of Bergania. Can Tally and her friends from Delderton save Karil when the worst happens? This is a tale about good, evil and above all, friendship. If you like your bad guys very bad and your good guys very good, with loyal friends thrown in, this semi-historical tale will greatly appeal to you. Enjoyable all round.